The Final Days of A Broken Senior Dog


The Final Days of A Broken Senior Dog

The pitiful sight of an exhausted old senior Cocker Spaniel who we reported on via twitter and was found on Monday 2nd June 2014 in Nea Filadhelfia, Greece in a miserable condition, the old gentleman could barely stand on his feet, full of fleas, maggots and suffering from scabies.

The lady who found him took him to a vet where it was discovered he had a registered microchip.She could not reach the owners by telephone so offered to knock on their door and inform them about their dog’s situation.

The owners never opened the door instead answered through their intercom and told her that the father of the family had fed the dog before leaving that same morning so the dog must have become lost this day.

When the lady confronted them and said that the she had found the dog three days ago so the Father could not have fed the dog that morning and the dog was registered microchip in their name, their daughter finally came to the door and said that indeed the dog was lost three days ago and the father had just told her but he didn’t tell them so they would not get upset.

The daughter didn’t ask about the dog or where he was in order to get him back, nor did she ask for a contact number.


The Final Days of A Broken Senior Dog

The woman then informed a local group, who said

”The dog was in an extremely bad condition, abandoned by its owners to die.

That can be proved by the fact that they didn’t report, as required by the law, that their dog was missing and they didn’t care about it when they were informed that someone found it.

Also, the fact that based on the testimony of the lady who found him, he had a leash around his neck (the dog couldn’t have run away during a walk as he was very old and sick), make us believe that he was tied somewhere and escaped. 

The dog didn’t get in this condition in just 3 days, when he was lost as they claimed.

It is of a severity that the owners didn’t even offer him basic care and did not care for his welfare. 

The actual abandonment had started long ago, and it resulted to the dog spending his last days suffering and having a horrible ending. 

After all this, and after gathering all evidence needed like the testimony of the lady who found him and the review of the vets who examined him, along with photos of the state in which he was found, we filed a complaint in the police station against his owner and anyone else involved for passive abuse and neglect.

Sadly, the dog passed away a few days after we found him. But we promised him and to ourselves that we won’t let this go


The Final Days of A Broken Senior Dog

The last years and months we share with our senior pets are among the most bittersweet times in any animal lovers’ lives.

What makes it so much worse is that the older they get, the more they depend on us, the more we love them, in those quiet moments on the couch, on those very slow walks to the park,  just you and your beloved (friend) until that moment they grow completely exhausted and pass away peacefully and we are left behind devastated at their passing.

This old gentleman depended on his owners in his final years and months but instead was neglected and then, when completely exhausted DUMPED on the street of Greece and left to die alone.

He did die and in reality he died alone, days after this Broken Senior Dog was found, but his lying owners are not left devastated by his loss, WHY? because they are typical Greek abusing owners void of the human emotion of ‘love and compassion’ towards animals.

Rest in peace old man, we and our readers never knew your name, nobody knew your name and they probably never called you by one, but we can think of you as ‘Gentle-man’ which your tired, gentle face reveals and you are in GOD’s hands now and as we know, everything GOD creates is ‘Beautiful’ just like you where and still are, finally now with your creator and surrounded by people who will love you. (fly home now, to your ‘forever’ home)

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5 responses to “The Final Days of A Broken Senior Dog

  1. May you share the comfort of Heaven and your Creator and may your owners now begin to suffer: for the Word says “as you sow, so shall you reap”! It is now their time to reap pain, suffering and abandonment as they sowed!

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