Killed And Left Outside Home Of Volunteer


Killed And Left Outside Home Of Volunteer

Animal haters have killed and left the body of a stray dog outside the home of an animal welfare volunteer and President of the local animal welfare club in North Evia Greece.

Details emerged today 14th June 2014, from the President of the club Lila Efthimiopoulou, that the female dog who was described as ”quiet and harmless was vaccinated, sterilized and was looking to find her own family” was ” fed burgers containing glass and then left her outside the house of the Lila Efthimiopoulou”

In a statement Lila Efthimiopoulou said,

 “You threaten my life my work. you are but cowardly killing an innocent soul outside of my house.

Since yesterday has disappeared another stray who we also looked after by Animal Welfare Association Evia.

The police authorities without further delay must thoroughly investigate the case that led to the criminals who act with confidence that you will never identified considering themselves above the law in Greece 2014”


North Evia 12th June 2014

AidipsosAsvestis (2)

North Evia 12th June 2014

Two days ago on 12th June 2014, we reported on the dog found killed in North Evia with it’s feet tied making it unable to escape and then covered in Lime and the body dumped amongst rubbish.


North Evia 9th June 2014


North Evia 9th June 2014

Five days ago on the 9th June 2014, we reported on the defenseless 4 month old stray puppy (pictured above) who was attacked by an owned Pitbull dog in North Evia whilst the owner shouted to the Pitbull ”Take it”


North Evia, 31st January 2014

Whilst in January 2014, a pet dog was shot  in North Evia and died as a result of gunshot injuries.

The reported motive behind the shooting was the dog entered the courtyard of a property in Varvara Aedipsou where upon the owner of the property shot the dog.

A neighbor who heard the gunshots on Friday 31st January 2014, spotted the blood stained dog and informed the owner.

And in 2014, we reported multiple poisonings in the area of North Evia.


Poisoned to death in North Evia


Poisoned to death in North Evia


Complain to the Greek Tourism Minister, Ms.Olga Kefalogianni

LD John Kefalogianni Olga
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2 responses to “Killed And Left Outside Home Of Volunteer

  1. The more I read, the more I see that this is a F#@!up country. The people of this country who do these things to helpless animals need the same done to them.

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