The EU funded Parties for Perverts and Barbarians


Greek Carnival of Lepanto in Nafpaktos, 02/03/2013, terrified goat tied up and dragged through streets.

The EU funded Greek Parties for Perverts and Barbarians

There are many parties, carnivals and festivals throughout the year in Greece, funded by the billions of euro’s in tax evasion by the Greeks who have swelling bank accounts.

After the EU bailouts of billions of euro’s, the Greeks who hoarded their wealth in unpaid taxes and continue to do so, the parties, carnivals and festivals continues at the expense of the EU.

Whatever the Greeks do, animals will always be abused and innocent children will be forced to see sights of animal abuse or scenes of a sexual nature.


To date in 2014 we have witnessed a terrified goat, tied up with rope and dragged through the streets of Nafpaktos in a Greek carnival of Lepanto 02/03/2014

Chickens and hens used in a Greek carnival in Tyrnavou on 02/03/2014 who where thrown into the air and trampled upon mercilessly by retarded Greek barbarians who are crying poverty to the self inflicted economic crisis. 

What crisis? the party continues in Greece and the fallout of their animal abuse is funded by YOU!


Carnival Tyrnavou 02/03/14 chickens and hens thrown into the air and trampled on


Carnival Tyrnavou 02/03/14 hen thrown into the air and trampled on


In one of the most disgusting carnivals, Greeks expose young children to the effigy’s of men’s Genitals as the video shows.

makes statement over Carnival Tyrnavou 02/03/14
chickens and hens thrown into the air and trampled on

mayor 1mayor 2

“The Municipality Tyrnavou after the heinous, despicable and brutal spectacle animal abuse during the parade of floats condemns with abhorrence these behaviors in any way inconsistent with the Tirnavos culture and the culture of our municipalities.

In any case both the organizers of the municipality and stakeholders were not informed about the use of animals in this group of carnival and has no connection with the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Even in the last over of floats before the start of the parade did not reveal the use of animals for entertainment and not given request (written or oral) for their use, which would clearly have been rejected.

For these reasons therefore, and because our Municipality has proven the animal welfare sentiments will assist with any offers through the exploration of reason case, in order to find the culprits and punished by the justice. “


Nikolaos AL. MALAKOS


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8 responses to “The EU funded Parties for Perverts and Barbarians

  1. I am continually disgusted by man’s inhumanity to his fellow creatures. I pray these men die a miserable death. Surely horror will follow them the rest of the days of their lives for what they are doing. The earth needs to be rid of these sub humans!

  2. Why am I not surprised? A festival for the sick and twisted perverted barbarians, nice, a bomb should have been dropped right in the middle of this mess…sick pukes!

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