Dog found hanged to death in Rhodes


Dog Found Hanged To Death in Rhodes

The barbarity continues in Greece as it has for decades with another murder of a dog by hanging, this time in Rhodes on 29th January 2014.

The incident was reported by Dimitris Koukoulas a resident of the island.


Dimitris Koukoulas said yesterday,

”I was very puzzled if I should I release these pictures, but it highlights a real problem , with a big WHY,Why so much barbarism in today’s man?

In the end I decided to do it and to get the cost because some may claim that the phenomena of this kind, when they receive publicity, damaging the image of a tourist destination (and revenue of hoteliers)

From the many comments that followed I saw beyond the accumulated anger at the brutality of the offender, the requirement of justice intervention to locate and punish exemplary as well as the need for tour operators on the island who reap its economic wealth, to realize the issues of this nature which tarnishes the image of the tourist destination.

But mostly, required initiatives of local government, which for decades was completely incompetent to manage as should the issue of stray animals. Whether dogs or sheep for thousands circulating freely in the roads and causing hundreds of accidents.

All not stop deaf and flip the head in front of this big problem that tarnishes our culture and our ranks as a local community, the ” barbarians ” .


Only now is the time to pull your head out of the sand and decide if we remain human society , or if the crisis of values spend together economic, and will transform us into a jungle without moral codes and in conclusion  although with the unfortunate dog, is our culture, Greek culture, led to the gallows and we continue to remain indifferent spectators”

Complain to the Mayor: Mr.Stathis Kousournas

Mobile Phone: +30 2241 023220


facebookStathis Kousournas

Complain to the Municipal

Address : Eleftherias 1 Sq., 85100 Rhodes, Greece

Tel. (0030) 22413-61200

Complain to the local MP’s

Ν.Δ. Υψηλάντης Αναστασίου Βασίλειος – Νικόλαος
Ν.Δ. Κόνσολας Νικία Εμμανουήλ
ΣΥΡΙΖΑ Γάκης Θωμά Δημήτριος
ΠΑ.ΣΟ.Κ. Κρεμαστινός Θωμά Δημήτριος
ΑΝΕΞΑΡΤΗΤΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ Ιατρίδη Ιωάννη Τσαμπίκα (Μίκα)

17 responses to “Dog found hanged to death in Rhodes

  1. This is such a tragedy! What kind of monster does this and why? No dog deserves this barbaric treatment. The whole world is watching you, Greece, and we don’t like what we see! Perhaps the good loving people and animals of Greece should leave the country and let the country with all of the subhumans sink to the bottom of the see…hung by their necks!

  2. La grece est un pays de tourisme, non de barbarie, les personnes responsables de ce fait doivent etre punient sévèrement…. Merci au gouvernement de réagir !!!!! Il est vrai que le monde vous regarde

  3. Please don’t let this happen anymore yourself can do something I. Many.others plead you to into those horrific acts. something my.heart is breaking please. Thank you.

  4. Evil will continue as long as there is indifference and self- interest. We need to be concerned about our planet and for all the creatures herein. Humans may have risen to the top of the food chain, but as with middens, the biggest lumps rise to the top. Man is barbaric, because there is no one to stop him. Accountability is the way forward, coupled with appropriate punishments for those who feel they are free to cause as much misery and destruction as they like. The psychopaths have being given free rein, and no one in power cares enough to stop them. Time to prove one’s right to govern.

  5. Why, why, why?? What is wrong with mankind that this is done to our animals. No reason except that there are many who are just sick human beings and get their kicks doing this to our helpless animals. This poor dog — what it must have gone through. I always believe that what goes around comes around. Hope whoever the person/persons who did this will get their just punishment. They have no respect for life whether man or animal. Something needs to be done throughout the world to rid these horrible atrocities to our animals. May all of these people who feel that they can cause such pain to the helpless, burn in hell.

  6. These kind of acts are not acceptable in any way and must not be acceptable in any country! Good people and animal lovers of Greece i encourage you to demand this acts and ask for justice to authorities. This world belongs to all earthlings: animals and humans. Stop violence an crimes!! Greece: the world is watching!!

  7. Greece what is wrong with your people,the world is watching these evil deeds,you people need,to buck up and punish the scum who do such evil deeds,we are watching bring this monster,to justice.

  8. Please help these poor defenceless animals its inhuman what those people do to them. .. it sickens me to know this such evil.

  9. Please stop this cruelty, before it worsens and become a norm/culture in your society!!!

    punish the abusers severely & let them be a lesson to others who might repeat the same abomination!

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